Olight Allty 2000 Front Bike Light


Magicshine’s 2nd bike headlight with built in DRL (Daytime Running Light.) Designed for both road and mountain with its highly adjustable brightness and beam patterns.

  • 55 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
  • 2000 lumens max of verified output from 2x CREE XP-L V6 LED
  • Flood – Spot – Full beam patterns
  • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
  • 1 hour runtime on full brightness, full beam mode
  • All in one integrated design, 183 g in weight
  • OLED power and beam mode indicator
  • Garmin mount


The 206g light weight Magicshine Allty 2000 shines brightest.
Even at medium level it is brighter than all other tested handlebar lamps.
The runtime at full brightness is only one hour however one of the lower brightness modes is more than enough for most occasions.
The lamp attaches to the helmet mount in no time at all.
The handy OLED display shows the remaining battery capacity and calculates remaining runtime in hours:minutes format very accurately.

Technical Details


Weight 10 oz
Max Power 25W
Beam spread 25 & 20 degress
Operation temperature -20 to 40 Celcius
Operating voltage 5.0 – 8.4V
Power modes and runtime DRL: 55lm 14.5hrs
Full Beam: 200 – 2000lm 1 – 8.5hrs
Half Beam: 100 – 1000lm 2 – 10hrs
Flash: 200 – 1800lm 1.8 – 10.8hrs
Battery 7.2V 7000mAh Cartridge battery pack removable
Charging power and time 4.5 hrs (5V/2A)
max 10W (5V/2A)
Waterproof rating IPX5
Dimensions 99x42x39mm
Net weight 183g (6.45 oz)